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            img.type_auto AS `type`, img.descr, img.image, img.synonym, o.post_id,
            kat.ship, kat.ost_count AS `count`, 'shina' AS item_type,
            UNIX_TIMESTAMP(MAX(`o`.`date`)) AS `last_update`,
            DATE_FORMAT(kat.create_date, '%d.%m.%Y') AS `create_date`,
            `kat`.`hit`, `kat`.`sale_percent`, `vendors`.`class` AS `vendor_class`,
            `p_o`.`name` AS `supplier_order_name`, `p_o`.`on_order_days` AS `supplier_on_order_days`,
            `kat`.`order_price`, `kat`.`order_supplier_id`, `kat`.`order_ostatki_id`, `kat`.`order_ost_count`, `kat`.`order_ost_price`
            FROM catalog_shin kat
			LEFT JOIN images img ON (img.model = kat.model AND img.type = 'shina')
            LEFT JOIN `vendors` ON (`img`.`vendor` = `vendors`.`title`)
			LEFT JOIN ostatki o ON (o.item_id = kat.id AND o.type = 'shina')
			LEFT JOIN post p ON (o.post_id = p.id)
            LEFT JOIN `post` AS `p_o` ON (`kat`.`order_supplier_id` = `p_o`.`id`)
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